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  1. Canada Shirts - Casual Shirt - Black - Double TWO Men - 48321594 CAD98.36  CAD49.18
  2. Canada Skirts - Darcie skirt - Charcoal - Phase Eight Women - 66083274 CAD167.48  CAD83.74
  3. Canada Suits Jackets - Pinsent Tonic Silk Suit Jacket with Jet Pockets - Petrol - Kenneth Cole Men - 75495407 CAD356.23  CAD178.11


I will make the price of the fact, the best offer, take the money, we will begin the process of the order of the small boats, and the whole tradition, ready to end the division of labor, the working hours of 24 Next.

. After you leave the luggage ready, we will state that has been sent, and a working knowledge via e-mail. But the order is usually 49 days. We are not a public holiday delivery. If you told me that the reason for the delay, the celebration of the end of the Curabitur in some measure accustomed to.

All wholesale orders by DHL or EMS (economic) Shipping (except for some special countries), we will provide tracking number. You can track down your EMS and DHL tracking of the package by means of the reason to go to. If you want to use other courier service, please contact our online customer service, will provide you with the price then place an order, you can choose DHL or EMS, and will update the new and prepare for you to choose based on ships and shipping calculation method.

The largest part of the one or two loads of clothes, we suggest you use China Post Air Cargo (registered mail) shipping, if you're patient. Air is taken and according to your account between 100 grams costs, it is different from the EMS 500 grams 2. So if you just have a few pieces, then more cost-effective. instructions to check the quality and quantity of your goods. If you have any questions, please contact us ....